There are several ways that you can support the future of the Great Northern & Cascade Railway's Museum, Railway and Park. We accept monetary donations. materials, museum items, and labor.

Amazon Smile

Amazon donates 1/2% for every same made through Amazon Smile where you have Selected Great Northern & Cascade Railway for click though our link to the Amazon Smile website.

FredMeyer Community Rewards

Fred Meyer Community Rewards

Fred Meyer splits up to $650,000 each quarter among all non-proits that have been registered to customers reward cards. Linking your rewards card to a non-profite makes no difference to any reward that you receive from Fred Meyer. TO link your card log in to your Fred Meyer account and then click the Rewards and then Community Rewards in the menu. On the Community Rewards page, click the "Link your Rewards Card Now" and enter "Great Northern & Cascade Railway" into the search field.

Museum Items

We are looking for Great Northern Railroad item to be displayed in our museum. These items may be donated to the Great Nortehrn & Cascade Railway or placed on loan to the Great Northern & Cascade Railway. We will mark items on display with the names of who donated ot loaned the items to the GNCR museum. Please contact


During our six month off season we work hard on making improvements to the railway and park. We have many project that we can use volunteer labor to complete. See our Volunteering Page for more information. We will alse place your name on our list of volunteers.


We need a variety of materials to expand the track; park features; such as tunnel, snow shed, etc; and landscaping. Please contact our President and Project Manager. To see a current list of our project, see our mater plan or yearly plans on our Town Center Projects Page. We will also place your name on our list of companies donating materials.

Monetary Donations

Monetary donations may be given on site via the water jugs place outside while the trains are running. Inside the depot via the box car or via the gift store. The Great Norterhn & Cascade Railway gift store can accept Credit/Debit Card donations. Inside the Cascadia Restaurant via the box car. Mailed to GNCR, PO Box 195, Skykomish, WA 98288. We will also place your name on our list of contributers.